Get more patients through Social Media

We become your own social media manager!
We utlize Facebook, Instagram, Google Business and other social media platforms to attract, engageand get you more new patients, more new clients while engaging existing ones.

To get results you will have to be authentic!

Thus, our projects are built on high quality content, adjusted to your brand and personalized material that not only supports but makes your storytelling really appealing.

Increase your audience with Social Media Marketing

Social media keep your practice brand at the top of your potential patient's mind

Μore than half of global consumers seek healthcare information online! At the same time, social media influence tremendlously the choices these consumers make.

Besides organic social media posting is a great way to engage local fans of your business. Thus, a thorough digital marketing plan includes paid social media strategies to enhance brand awareness and, most importantly, new patient calls.

At MEDICAL PROMOTION we help you develop a social media program for your hospital, practice or unit while we respect ethical guidelines and let you engage effectively with potential patients and clients.

Get the ultimate social media strategy

Each one of our social media campaigns starts with a strategy that aligns to your units’ objectives and overall marketin. Numerous campaigns fail because they focus on tools and channels without taking in mind your goals.

Clear objectives offer you an effective strategy.

What we recommend depends on your audience, their time-spending and their needs. We do not propose paid social media strategies unless they are based on research and data. Our main aim also is to get you increased awareness from a local audience that searches for your services or have already recently visited your website (i.e. cookies usage).

We offer thorough digital marketing support

We help you target people of all ages on social media, even seniors.
Thus, we utilize the biggest social media platforms:
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
However, the best strategy includes thorough digital marketing management by a team specialized in healthcare. MEDICAL PROMOTION crafts cross-channel campaigns consistently branded across Google, your website, print ads etc.

Speak with us today to learn more about our social media services and / or our complete digital marketing management.

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